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Visionary + Creator + Connector

Kelsi Lauren Lavicka

Experienced E-Commerce Product Manager + UX Researcher; working on environmentally conscious sustainable design + lifestyle + fashion brands.

Mixed Sensory Artist + Natural Perfumer; healing with natural elements, flowers, and nature. 

I am motivated by conscious collaboration + curating culture + building  community; bringing people together through producing magical events.


Currently I am working on...


Co-founder; hemp textiles + design for home and hospitality;


Hemp is the answer for creating sustainable environments. Our female founders of MoonCloth are on a mission to help people live more conscious lives, connect to nature, and to be the source for carefully curated hemp design and products. We are promoting the movement where hemp is a natural part of your home and lifestyle. 



I am a creative + a DReamer + I keep my hands and heart engaged

I am a multi sensory + multi medium artist.

I mix scents, sounds, taste, visual and tangible mediums in organic ways to tie our sensory experiences together and foster deeper emotional connections. I love working with natural elements, finding ways to create more heartfelt moments and meaningful memories. 


creating conscious gatherings and collaboration

Experiential Events 

I thrive on working collaboratively with artists, makers, dreamers and doers. We are curating experiences and events that cultivates culture, thrives on awareness, makes an impact, spreads joy, and celebrates all this life has to offer. As we exist mostly in digital moments, our experience of the world around us should not be shaped only by this content. I am making space for true connection to ourselves and to our community.