I am an experienced Product Manager and User Experience Researcher.

I inspire and influence products and experiences that become a meaningful part of daily life. Through questioning, researching, and empathizing; I develop deep understanding of how users interact with products. I truly believe the power behind collaboration leads to remarkable experiences, both digitally and physically. I am an advocate of design thinking and combine an empathetic and analytical approach to inspire insights for new and improved product experiences that are both impactful and magical.

Learn more about my experience, journey, outlook on working in the e-commerce and fashion world. 



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I am a creator and producer of experiential events.

I am driven by empowering women from within, forming inspiring relationships, and creating supportive communities. I am pursuing this drive through hosting retreats, celebrations, and moon ceremonies. The concept for my events is that life is a balance of ceremony & celebration, you can check it out here- Ceremony Sisters. I am intrigued by events that draw people in through multi-sensory experiences. When we work towards heightening and engaging all of the senses, we can build something more meaningful and memorable. I mix scents, music, tastes, visual and tangible mediums in organic ways to foster deep emotional connections. As we exist mostly in digital moments, our experience of the world around us should not be shaped only by this content. I make and hold space for true connections to ourselves and our community.

 You can find more of my projects and events here