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I am an experienced Product Manager and User Experience Researcher.

I inspire and influence products and experiences that become a meaningful part of daily life. Through questioning, researching, and empathizing; I develop deep understanding of how users interact with products. I truly believe the power behind collaboration leads to remarkable experiences, both digitally and physically. I am an advocate of design thinking and combine an empathetic and analytical approach to inspire insights for new and improved product experiences that are both impactful and magical.


I am currently working on MoonCloth; designing sustainable hemp products for hospitality businesses. 


Clients and Experience:


Brand Experience & Event Project Manager

Managing events end to end. Building brand awareness. I am creating touch point experiences through the concept of "The Flower Bar"; an authentic product to consumer experience that is driving sales and finding new opportunities through community collaboration and events. 


UX Researcher

I work with the Product and Design teams to identify research needs based on the live experience of the website. Through UserTesting I conduct research to create an understanding of the wants and needs of new users. I prioritize the feedback and develop research plans to influence strategy, diagnose business problems, and identify key business opportunities. I bring insights to life through data and story-led presentation. You can view the case study here!


Product Manager for Consumer Experiences

UX Researcher for Consumer Products

I have deep empathy for users, and I dig into qualitative and quantitative research to help drive the product roadmap. I specified, prioritized and communicated high level and detailed product requirements; creating user stories, business rules, flows, and use cases. I collaborated closely with marketing and the Business teams to launch products and ensure successful adoption through the full product lifecycle. Collaborating with Product, Design, and Engineering teams throughout entire product, design, and development lifecycle phases; practicing agile methodologies, tools, and best practices. Facilitated strategic stakeholder meetings that lead to action plans by establishing ownership of project initiatives, timelines, and evolving processes. 


I am available for freelance opportunities, let's work together!

  • I am driven by empathy and I am passionate about understanding people. 

  • I enjoy interacting with people to understand what their lives are about and how to help them better articulate their challenges and find creative solutions

  • I am familiar with a variety of research methodologies including; conducting 1:1 interviews,, moderating group conversations, running live prototype sessions, or engaging with users remotely

  • I use diverse findings to illuminate new insights about people and reveal opportunities for the future, I can naturally come up with new ideas to address these opportunities
  • I apply research insights to create design solutions

  • I am experienced working in design and with design teams

  • I leverage stories and data to inspire people and motivate teams to take action

My Passion for Fashion: a personal perspective from working within the global e-commerce and fashion space.

My interest in fashion started as the most simple and pure form of self expression. Working within the fashion space started as a personal creative outlet, a reflection of our inner perceptions to the outside world. Each day we make a decision about how we dress, sometimes intuitive and sometimes thought provoking, through our fashion choices we can attract a certain vibe, energy, show individuality, we can truly reflect who we are what we stand for and how we feel. Fashion is culture, art, self expression. Some days it might feel more important than others, whether you see it as clothing or fashion, it is still a daily necessity.

There is a decision to be made around how we consume fashion and clothing at a basic level. This decision can be conscious and there is a cause for positive change on a global level. As I progressed my interest and career into the fashion industry I felt a strong shift towards taking a more ethical and environmental approach towards combating a very clear societal overconsumption issue, revolving specifically around fast fashion.

I have found myself in a space that is disrupting the fashion industry, bringing more awareness to buying decisions, and more consciousness to everyday consumer behaviors. I am working on understanding and improving technology that leads consumers towards making more ethical shopping decisions. I want to be a leader in how these daily decisions are being made for products and consumerism, and provide transparency towards changing perspectives on the over-consumption of textiles and clothing. Simply put it helps the environment, acts against poor and dangerous factory working conditions, and gives ourselves more time to enjoy life and focus on doing the things that make us happy existing outside of consumerism. Through research, learning, sharing, and building technology in a more conscious way, we hold the power to impact the global and economic environment.