Passion Projects & Past Events


Ceremony Sisters in San Francisco, CA.

Ceremony Sisters is a female collective offering experience and guidance for hosting and planning spiritual and celebratory gatherings. Check out our upcoming events and website. 

Goddess Retreats hosted in Joshua Tree, CA.

I co-created and curated women's retreats. The retreats are held in accordance to phases of the moon. Taking place in the Mojave desert, the goddess retreat digs into designing our own lives, an intentional week[end] of deepening our mind, body, spirit to mother earth. Allowing women the time to step away from everyday life and make some space to focus on well being and initiate positive lifestyle change. It is about living in the extraordinary. 

dream-logic_luminary 2.jpg

Luminary at The Midway in San Francisco, CA. 

Future Fires brings together brilliant artists and creators from around the world who produce groundbreaking work using drones, robotics, VR, projection mapping and more. Based in the SF Bay Area, Future Fires provides both a live and online showcase to a global creative community.

The festival’s installations, and performances are symbolic of a new fire; an expansion of human engagement and community, a new era of artistic practice and imagination.

Dream Logic:

Dream Logic curates experiential art shows that bring artists and technologists together to explore new ways of seeing. We celebrate new media creators as artists, and showcase VR, AR, interactive installations, and immersive stories as works of art.



Big Imagination

The Big Imagination Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and I will be looking forward to spending time  in May 2018 in the Mojave desert converting a Boeing 747, the world’s most iconic airplane, into a moving art experience for Burning Man 2018. The goal is to transform the plane into a new kind of vehicle inside which dreams, inspired by the same spirit of flight that took the Wright brothers to the skies, can come alive.